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Age Group 17yrs-75yrs
Cost £7 per session
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"I really love the tap class . I used to dance when i was younger and was nervouse about starting again but the tap teacher was really helpful and made me feel comfortable "

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tap dance classes in manchester


Tap Dance Classes in Manchester

The tap dance classes in manchester are on a drop in basis
There are between 10-15 people in each tap class
No experience is required for the beginners class.
You dont need to buy tap shoes to attend the tap class

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Tap Dance Classes

Think Fred Astaire, Gene kelly two of of the most iconic dancers of the 20th century. Tap dance is one of the most popular dance styles around incorporating the use of arms and upper bodies to blend movements of ballet or jazz into tap routines. Our tap dance classes in manchester are taught to both beginners adn professionals . Wheter you are looking to do tap dance just for fun , improve your training or just adding another dance skill to your skill set we will be able to make you into the tap dancer youve always wanted to be.