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Age Group 17yrs-75yrs
Cost £7 per session
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"I really love the flamenco class . I used to dance when i was younger and was nervouse about starting again but the flamenco teacher was really helpful and made me feel comfortable "

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flamenco dance classes in manchester


Flamenco Dance Classes in Manchester

The flamenco dance classes in manchester are on a drop in basis
The Flamenco dance class have approximately 12 people in each class
No experience is required for the beginners class.
To attend the intermediate flamenco class you will need to first attend the beginners class or speak to the instructor.
Women can begin with any comfortable shoes with sturdy, wide heels that are 1 1/2 to 3 inches high and hard soles (no platforms).
A full ankle length skirt with a flair is best. Please keep in mind that it is important to choose something you are comfortable in

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Flamenco Dance Classes

Flamenco is about passion, power and tremendous fun. It’s a dance form for all ages where the music, rhythms and movement somehow combine to connect to the elemental energy we all share. It’s about self expression - an outlet for your emotions that makes you stronger. Anyone can do it. The classes are disciplined and structured to allow everyone to progress, whatever your level: our teacher is responsive and flexible so no one gets left behind. It’s an all-round workout for your body and mind. Come and try a class and feel truly alive.

Flamenco dancing is an expressive, Spanish dance form emphasised by hand clapping, percussive footwork, and intricate hand, arm and body movements. our flamenco dance classes in manchester focus on strong footwork, upper body coordination, understanding flamenco music and rhythm, proper posture and breathing. Our teachers all have different interpretations of flamenco dance and will mix traditional with modern forms of flamenco.. You will be taught about posture and position in dance. Understanding rhythms and body control. Learn basic steps, turns and rhythms not to mention Working on expression and dynamics with co-ordination of hands and feet.