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Street Dance and Hip hop Dance Classes in Manchester

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Street dance is in our opinion probably the most popular of dance classes in the country. there are many other names it is know as such as urban dance, commercial dance street jazz, street funk, hip hop dance etc but all in all it is still the same type of dance. Made popular with legendary dances from icons such as michael and janet Jackson to usher to britney spears. Our street dance classes in manchester incorporates locking poping whacking and femme styles. We also partake in competitions lie the uk hip hop championship to the famouse ultimate street dance championship whic is hosted in manchester. Tou can take part in the classes for fun or if you are looking to take part in shows or just to compete we have a class for every one.


Book the first 10 consecutive street dance classes on either Tuesdays or Thursdays for £25
thats £2.50 per session

You have the option to pick from 2 different courses a
Level 1 Complete Beginners course for any one new to street dance Thursdays 7-8pm
Level 2 Beginners-General Course for those with dance experience Tuesdays 7-8pm


Adults Street Dance Manchester
Classes Commence Tuesday the 24th of July

Manchester Dance Centre @ The Dance House
10 Oxford Road
M1 5QA

Beginners - General Street Dance 7pm-8pm
Intermediate 8pm-9pm

Complete Beginners Street Dance 7pm-8pm
Rehearsal 8pm-9pm

Age Group 17yrs-75yrs
Cost £5 per session
Teacher Junior




Childrens Street Dance Manchester
Classes commence Soon

Beginners / General


Age group 7-14 yr olds

cost £5 a Session

Teacher Vicky

FAQ on Street classes

The street dance classes in manchester are on a drop in basis
The classes have approximately15 people in each class
No experience is required for the beginners class.
The improvers Level class is suitable for people with some dance experience
Clothing Loose comfortable clothing and socks if you dont have street shoes

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Dance Classes in Manchester